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Accredited Community Health Worker Training Program

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The accredited CHW training program is designed to provide the core competencies needed for work in either community-based or inpatient settings. The program also provides information about accessing healthcare and other social/community resources.

The completion of the educational program completes the education requirement to become a Certified Community Health Worker per the Pennsylvania Board of Certification

What does it mean to be a CHW?

There are over 167 different job titles that include being a community health worker

A CHW proactively:

  • Serves as a liaison between community and healthcare agencies Provides guidance and social assistance
  • Enhances community ability to effectively communicate with health care providers
  • Provides culturally and linguistically appropriate health education
  • Advocate for individuals and community health
  • Provides referral and follow-up services or coordinating care
  • Identifies and helps enroll eligible individuals in health and services programs
  • Works in a variety of settings
  • What do you learn in the program?

    You will go through 17 different content areas which include:

    CHW Introduction
    Personal Safety
    Benefits Check Up
    Chronic Disease
    Preventive Care
    Cultural Literacy
    Building & Maintain Relationships

    Health Literacy
    Becoming a Healthier You
    Communication, Networking, & Conflict
    Motivational Interviewing
    Opioid Brief Intervention
    Accident Prevention
    Every Smoker Every Time

    Additional Modules that may be included:

    Youth/ Adult Mental Health First Aid
    CPR/AED/ First Aid
    Mandated Reporting
    Domestic Violence
    Smile! Oral Health for CHW’s
    COVID-19 Contact Tracing

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    164 Scranton Carbondale Highway
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